Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dolly Bindra – a nuisance in real life too?

Dolly Bindra is a real nuisance even in her real life. It does not matter who she is talking to. Abusive language is the order of the day for this outspoken TV actress. Well, if the reports are to be believed, she does not spare even the children or her neighbors if loses her cool.
The residents accuse that she has been disturbing the peace in the society. She does not care, it seems, with whom she is talking and behaves in the same manner with kids and even with elderly people as well. Almost all the people know how outspoken she was on the TV shows.
But, seeing her in the same avatar in her real life too is something really surprising. The Bhoomi Classic society, which is located on the Malad Link road, is the witness to her behavior. Things were getting unbearable for the inmates all the days. Finally, they had no other option but to approach the police.
It has been on many occasions that the actress behaved rudely with the residents and that is why they finally came together and registered a complaint against her.