Monday, December 17, 2012

Emraan Hashmi and Huma Qureshi’s hot scenes

The serial kisser Emraan Hashmi is again on the prowl and it is Huma Qureshi this time. The two of them are said to be engaged in a steamy scene in their upcoming film. Unlike other scenes that are specially shot as love scenes, these scenes are going to be a part of the romantic song that will be shot on these two actors.
However, there will be one person who will be specifically ‘supervising’ the song and that is Vishal Bhardwaj. Generally, Vishal Bhardwaj does not intervene in things that he is not directly related to. Vishal Bhardwaj has written this film which happens to be a supernatural thriller.
However, this is something different this time around. This song is one of the finest romantic compositions that Vishal Bhardwaj has worked on. And no wonder he wants to be a part of the song that will finally be displayed on the screen for all the viewers.
What Vishal expects is perfection in everything that the song will be related to. The song is sung by Clinton Cerejo while it has been penned by the great lyricist Gulzar.