Sunday, December 9, 2012

Poonam Pandey is shy when kissing; can you believe it?

Poonam Pandey might be bold on screen when it comes to showing of her assets, but she gets too coy about kissing her co-star. Well, it was just a matter of days and we are here again talking about Poonam Pandey - the opportunist bold girl of Bollywood and here she comes.
Now that we all know that she is shooting her first film titled Nasha, she has a lot to talk about. One would certainly find it it a bit difficult to digest when Poonam said that she would not exposing on the big screen, but isn't comfortable when it comes to locking lips.
It is the same lady who was almost claiming to shed her clothes if India won the World Cup back in the last year. But it is certainly difficult to digest that it is the same Poonam Pandey who is finding it tough to kiss on the big screen.
How do you find this statement from Poonam Pandey, amusing, interesting or cool? Whatever be the answer, one thing is for sure Poonam Pandey knows exactly when to be in the news and for what reasons.