Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rani Mukharjee and Aditya Chopra to tie the knot next month?

Rani Mukharjee and Aditya Chopra might tie the knot in January. The two of them have been dating each other for a long time now. However, even the news of their marriage in the next month is also just an estimate though. Neither Rani Mukharjee nor Aditya Chopra is ready to divulge any details at the moment.
However, Rani has not been accepting any appointments that will keep her engaged her in January. She has been rejecting offers that are coming her way. She says that she has personal engagements that will keep her busy and momentarily refusing to commit to anything. That shows an inclination of the actress to give more importance to her personal life than professional life.
However, the marriage might not remain a secret as the close friends of the Bengali beauty are saying that the marriage might indeed take place in early next year. But how early is early, it is for oneself to decide. It is also heard that Rani had told a filmmaker that she is going to marry next year.
How come she directly told the news she is trying so hard to hide? Well, that could be a reason to reject the film? Keep guessing!