Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why isn’t Veena Malik sleeping these days?

Pakistani starlet Veena Malik has been too busy these days that she even doesn't get enough sleep. She is totally packed these days and hardly finds time for any other things apart from her shooting schedules. She is busy with a couple of Bollywood films right now. Well, are these two films only to boast of for Veena?
Certainly not. To top it all, she has even signed a Punjabi film that keeps her busy as well. That means, Veena is shooting for three films out of which the two Bollywood films are back-to-back for her. The upcoming star is very happy the way things are progressing for her at the moment.
She has admitted that that she has got a lot of love from Indian fans and that she has been well-accepted here. She also praised the Indian films for the way they are. Veena finds it easy to compare films from India and Pakistan. She says that Indian films are lot than Pakistani films.
But she did not forget to mention that film business in Pakistan is also finding its feet now.