Sunday, December 9, 2012

From one Talaash to another – Kareena Kapoor grows up

The success of Talaash was one good reason for partying for Kareena Kapoor. Kareena Kapoor's film with Aamir Khan is the second film she had done with the title Talaash. The former had come around nine years ago in 2003. The film came and went before hardly anyone could take note of it. No doubt, it was a disaster at the box office.
Unfortunately, the film didn't have anything worth remembering or mentioning even when Kareena Kapoor was in the lead. Yes, the name 'Kareena Kapoor' didn't carry the same aura it has now. Yet, the film didn't have good memories.
But the Talaash in 2012 was way too better than the previous one. Kareena Kapoor has shown a lot of maturity as an actress and also has worked immensely on her looks as well. No wonder, it is not a nine day's wonder, but nine years of hard work that has made the difference between the 2003 Talaash and the 2012 Talaash.