Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Katrina Kaif can make good wife for Salman Khan

Both Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are unmarried and Katrina Kaif can make a good wife for Salman Khan. The talks of Salman Khan getting married are doing the rounds and who else would suit Salman Khan better than his love interest Katrina Kaif. It would be one of the best Bollywood pairs.
But who is saying all this? Well, it came to notice through a poll taken by a matrimonial site. In the survey, votes of as many as 21,000 people were recorded. Out of those people, around 69.84% people responded in favor of Katrina Kaif getting married to Salman Khan.
The 69.84% fans feel that even if Katrina Kaif is only 28 years old, she and Salman, 47 can make a good pair. The survey has revealed another interesting result. About 62% men feel that Salman Khan should never marry in his life and on the other hand, 60.37% women want Salman to settle down in life as early as he can.
The survey also had people from the south say that Sonakshi Sinha – his co-star in Dabangg could be his life partner, while people from the north would like Asin to tie the knot with Salman Khan.