Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Its official: Kate Middleton is pregnant

The news has been officially confirmed that Kate Middleton is pregnant. The news was confirmed by official sources. Prince William and his wife – the Duchess of Cambridge are more than delighted about these developments. The other member of the family – the grandpa Prince Charles, the great-grandma the Queen, as well as their uncle, Prince Harry are happy over the news.
However, there is a bad patch in these celebrations for the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge is said to have been suffering from morning sickness. She has been admitted to a hospital where her husband, the Price is also with her by her side.
The Duchess is in the King Edward VII Hospital that falls in central London. As the pregnancy is in its primary stage, she is expected to be stationed at the hospital for a reasonable amount of time. She was admitted to the hospital on Monday afternoon.
Hyperemesis gravidarum is a type of morning sickness where the food or any other intake or even liquid for that matter is thrown out through vomiting. Therefore, the Duchess of Cambridge, who is still not even 12-week pregnant, will stay for a longer time in the hospital.

Photos of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton