Monday, December 3, 2012

What’s cooking between Ram Kapoor and Eva Grover?

These days Ram Kapoor and Eva Grover are being talked of as if they are either having an affair or there is something more to it. These two actors were co-stars in their tele serial. But the matter does not seem to have ended there. As a matter of fact, Eva Grover had played the step-mother of Ram Kapoor in the serial.
Well, it is also a possibility that the news of the affair between these two actors could also be rumors and some sort of publicity. As of now, there is no clue as to how true the news is. There is nothing more than keeping the fingers crossed to see what transpires next.
When on one hand Eva Grover is a divorcee, Ram Kapoor is a happily married man. Eva Grover was married to the step-brother of Aamir Khan, Hyder Ali Khan. Ram Kapoor is married to Gautami.
At the moment it is very difficult to anything about the news. Is it going on all for gripping the attention to their show? Well, keep your fingers crossed.