Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rozlyn Khan takes a dig at Sheila and Munni

The Bollywood starlet Rozlyn Khan might not be a comparatively popular name. But she will be now, thanks to Sheila and Munni. As a matter of fact, Rozlyn Khan will be taking on Sheila and Munni through her new item song. There is no doubt that both Sheila and Munni ruled the chartbusters when they were released and without doubt were highly popular.
However, it will be interesting to see how people approach this new item song from Rozlyn Khan. In the song there are phrases and words like Munni ki aisi ki taisi and Sheela ki maa ki ankh. The song is in the film directed by Rajesh Kumar. The song is sung by Sujata Majumdar who had sung the popular Genda phool song previously.
As far as the singer Sujata Majumdar is concerned, she said that she does not mine singing such a song that might not look ‘correct’ at facevalue. However, she added that she is a signer and not a lyrist. So, that will be pretty fine for her. So well, here all is set for the song to receive the attention it requires.
And it remains to be seen if there is any controversy surrounding the song and how sportily it is taken.