Thursday, December 20, 2012

What does Rakhi Sawant call Deepika Padukone?

Well, do you know what Bollywood’s outspoken and daring girl Rakhi Sawant has tagged Deepika Padukone as? A zebra. Well, can you believe it? There was no specific reason for Rakhi to call Deepika by that name or neither were they engaged in any type of cold war. Then what could be the reason?
Rakhi was overheard while calling Deepika by that name during a red carpet at an awards show. But praise Rakhi for her observation and her sense of humor, if you mean so. Deepika Padukone was dressed in a black and white gown that had strips all over them. Then why won’t the funny bone get aroused?
Anyways, that was just on a lighter note. But after all actresses do look to pass comments publicly if they get a chance. Is Rakhi an exception to it? You decide.