Saturday, December 15, 2012

Salman Khan to shift from Galaxy Apartment

Salman Khan will be shifting to a new house from the current Galaxy apartment and will have a new address in at least a year’s time. He has been staying at this apartment since his childhood and he says it is indeed difficult moving to a new place. However, the news is confirmed that the Dabangg star has started the countdown of his Galaxy apartment presence.
A number of Bollywood stars and superstars have their own bungalows or a posh apartment. However, Salman Khan, by staying in the Galaxy apartment, has proved to be an exception to this rule. But Salman says that they have their property at a certain place and the work is currently underway there.
As and when the (construction) work gets over, they plan to move. Salman Khan stays on the ground floor of the apartment, while his father along with his mother Salma resides on the first floor.
Salman says that he has a special bonding with his house and it will be really tough for him moving to a new place. Well, it is very true as he has spent almost his entire life there.