Saturday, December 15, 2012

Salman Khan buys 14,000 sq ft plot for Rs. 120 cr.

Salman Khan is in the news for reportedly buying a 14,000 sq ft plot for Rs. 120 cr. If the news is to be believed, the actor wants to build his office on the plot. The plot is located on the Linking Road in Santacruz. News is that the deal has already been sealed.
When there was news that Salman Khan would be moving from his Galaxy apartment, here comes another news piece about this deal. The deal was said to be signed between the Parthesh Developers and Salman Khan probably in the last month. And, the plot will very soon be registered in the actor’s name. The builder was not ready to divulge any details about the deal and also not ready to confirm it as well. He only was claiming that the talks are on and if he gets the right client, he would sell if off immediately.
Maybe due to the high profile client like Salman Khan, the builder was not willing to disclose the details. However, the people in the real estate industry in Mumbai are there to confirm the deal. According to them, the deal is sealed and there is nothing left to discuss more about it.
A sprawling 14,000 sq ft of land is too good in the city like Mumbai. Salman Khan’s future office will spring up there and many of his fans will be waiting for this to materialize.