Monday, October 22, 2012

Ajay Devgan charges Rs. 1 crore per day

As the fees for Salman Khan increased after 4 hits in a row, the same is for Ajay Devgan. It is learnt that Ajay Devgan is charging Rs. 1 crore as fee for one single day. That is obviously a huge figure. Some of his recent films have been a roaring success at the box office.
It is this success that could be one reason for Ajay Devgan to increase his fees. His latest film Bol Bachchan did excellently well at the box office. As a backdrop of this sensation, Ajay Devgan has been charging Rs. 7 crores for 7 days from a producer-cum-director.
The producer- director was aware of the fact that Ajay Devgan would be charging one crore rupees a day. However, he did not forget to mention that that is the fee Ajay does not charge even for an entire film. But the matter of the fact is that Ajay Devgan is earning on a daily basis with this new method.