Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sophie Choudry’s steamy video clip leaked

The hot and steamy video clips of Sophie Choudry are understood to have been leaked. The raunchy scenes were all over the internet and it is through only the tweets that Sophie Choudry came to know that the parts of the video have been out in the public.
The video had been shot as a part of the remix of the song Hungama Ho Gaya, which is an excellent yesteryear song. So what is so great about the leaked video? If the reports are to be believed, the video that is barely of 15 minutes, shows Sophie along with a guy engaged in a cozy bedroom activity.
There is no doubt that Sophie Choudry has been taken aback and shocked to the core when she came to know about the leak. It is suspected that the video has been leaked by some member of the unit itself.
What do you think, is it indeed a video leak for real or a publicity gimmick?

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