Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chitrangada Singh wants changes in her movie

Actors have always suggested changes to the script or the scenes they are involved in. Chitrangada Singh is no exception either. The director of the film in question is Sudhir Mishra that of highlights the topic of sexual harassment. The film has completed the shooting schedule already. However, it makes no difference to Chitrangada Singh.
She wants something tweaked in the storyline now. The topic she is referring to is about gender politics as well as sexual harassment. It is not that Chitrangada is not happy the way the sexual harassment has been portrayed. She simply wants it to be done in a better way for a better impact.
As a matter of fact, the director has not totally called off any plans and is ready to reconsider the ideas put forth by the actress. There is no doubt that the actress is happy with the way the film is shaping up. However, with her inputs getting considered, Chitrangada has more reasons to smile.