Thursday, October 18, 2012

Salman Khan gives the go ahead to Angela Johnson

Bollywood hunk Salman Khan has made the wait over for Angela Johnson. His brother Sohail Khan is also serious about these developments. The project where Angela Johnson would be the leading lady of Salman Khan was in the pipeline for about a couple of years now. Things have started to roll and Salman Khan finally gave the go ahead.
This means, the path is clear for Angela Johnson to be the protagonist the in the film Sher Khan. She has been cast opposite Salman Khan and that will also mark the debut for Angela Johnson. Sher Khan is the home production for Salman Khan where Sohail will be the director.
There’s no doubt things will progress as the Khans want it. And they already showed that too. The part of the supporting role for another female cast has been scrapped off. This means all the attention will be only on Angela Johnson. The script originally had two leading ladies, but now there will be only one.
Angela Johnson will be needed to train for martial arts as her scenes involve some of them during the film. Well, that will not be a problem for Angela Johnson when she is cast opposite Salman Khan.