Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sisters Sushama Reddy and Sameera Reddy at loggerheads

The two well-known sisters in the entertainment industry – Sushama Reddy and Sameera Reddy have found themselves to be busy by arguing with each other. The reason was Sameera Reddy’s item number Kunda khol in the film Chakravyuh. It was the fact that Sushama did not like the lyrics in the Prakash Jha film.
There was an argument between the two sisters where Sameera was trying to make Sushma accept that there was nothing wrong with the lyrics. The elder sister – Sushma was however not ready to accept it and was certainly looking unhappy. There was no way a solution could be found.
There was an uneasy silence of a couple of days between the two sisters. However, it was the elder sibling who took a U-turn and came out defending her sister. She said that it was after all a song – an item number. What can one expect of an item song, she questioned?
However, Sushma admitted that Sameera had good looks and her dance was excellent.