Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Karishma Kapoor’s husband Sanjay Kapur close to Priya Chatwal

Karishma Kapoor’s husband Sanjay Kapur’s growing closeness to Priya Chatwal has become a serious issue for the family. The gossip has been going around for a while and that certainly hasn’t anything to do with their marriage. The attention that Sanjay is giving to Priya Chatwal has become a thorn in the flesh for some close people in the family.
The closeness of Sanjay Kapur and Priya Chatwal is, by the way, not new. We had reported similar news some days ago. However, of late the intensity of the attention that Mr. Kapur is giving to Priya has advanced. It can be said from the fact that Sanjay was very keen on having Priya in one of the family weddings a few days ago.
The presence of Priya was certainly a no-no for other members of the family and that too in a function like marriage. It is said that the tempers ran high and Sanjay even threw a wine glass towards Mandira, his sister.