Friday, October 19, 2012

Sajid Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez to tie the knot?

After Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, it looks another Khan – Sajid Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez are looking tosettle down. It looks like both the stars are looking forward to take their current relationship status one notch higher. According to some sources, the film maker was seen along with the parents of Jacqueline Fernandez engaged in a warm dinner.
It is well known that the couple has not been able to spend any time with each other. Their professional lives didn’t permit them to do so. However, now both are looking to go on a vacation and spend some time together. Sajid Khan is currently busy with his film with Ajay Devgan. The vacation might materialize soon after Sajid finishes his current job at hand.
Their professional engagements have kept them apart for almost a couple of months. When on one hand Jacqueline Fernandez was busy shooting for Abbas-Mastan’s film, Sajid Khan was at Ramoji Rao studios. It was a hard time indeed for them to be away for such a long time.
It looks like the parent of Jacqueline Fernandez could possibly have agreed to the couple’s desire to get married.