Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kareena Kapoor is eyeing a fit body for her wedding

It should not be taken for granted that Bollywood actresses do not need touching up before their wedding. Like any other girl, Kareena Kapoor is also getting excited about her wedding. All that she wants is a body that should grace a name called Kareena Kapoor and the image she has amongst her fans.
Let alone the fans, Kareena is doing all this as the special day in her life is fast approaching. So what she all wants is some serious diet plan that can give her the dream body. Now when we say that the bride wants a fit body, it means she wants to let the extra kilos off her body as early as possible.
It is only about five days before the all important day in her life dawns. The diet that she is planning will allow her to shed the extra weight. However, that will not make her unnecessarily the popular zero-size. Her diet currently is inclusive of proteins, fruit juices as well as low in carbohydrates.
A professional trainer from Kerala is currently helping Kareena out with her objective. It is known as Ashtanga Yoga. It is expected that Bebo will be greatly benefited by this.