Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daniel Craig’s favorite Bond girl is Diana Rigg

Daniel Craig had been recently in the news asking Shah Rukh Khan to wait before he can get to don the role of James Bond. As far as Daniel Craig is concerned, he is the admirer of the Bond girl Diana Rigg. Diana Rigg was seen in the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. George Lazenby had played James Bond in that film.
Incidentally, this is the film that is seen as being the least of the favored films. It is celebrating 50 years with the release of Skyfall. Skyfall is slated for October 23 release. Diana Rigg, who is 74 years now, has been the favorite brushing aside Ursula Andress.
Ursula Andress was seen opposite Sean Connery. The couple was paired in the Bond film titled Dr No. ‘Diana Rigg is just great in the movie’, Daniel feels. Diana Rigg is also the first actress who has tied the knot with James Bond on the screen. But incidentally, she is murdered by the enemy of Bond, Blofeld.