Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sher Khan comes to take you by storm

After the success of Ek Tha Tiger, there is another gift from Salman Khan on Eid – Sher Khan. The project was in the news some days back. However, it is back in the news once again. The film will be a fantasy, action and adventure thriller that will certainly be one of its kinds.
There was another reason for the project to be in the news. It was actually a similarity in the title. Another movie, Sher, was also being contemplated. Sanjay Dutt was to play the lead role the film. However, it looks like the producer is in financial troubles at the moment.
The entire project is being planned very carefully. It is estimated that the script writers along with director Sohail Khan have been planning the stunts carefully. It is expected that the special effects alone would cost a whopping Rs. 12 crores. If the news is to be believed, the body double is someone close to the project.
If all the things fall in place, the Salman Khan fans should see another roaring tiger on the 2013 Eid.