Friday, October 5, 2012

Kumar Vishwas might be the common man in Bigg Boss 6

Kumar Vishwas might be the ‘common man’ in the house of Bigg Boss for the sixth season. The little known Kumar Vishwas is an avid supporter of Anna Hazare, the crusader against the corruption in India. There were talks about a ‘common man’ being an inmate this season.
When one of the sources spoke about the issue, it was expressed that there should be a person who has done some social work and also has a clean character.  It looks like Kumar Vishwas is the man they were looking for. Interestingly, Kumar Vishwas was also keen to be a participant on the show.
Kumar Vishwas has faced jail term as well, when he was one of the many supporters with Anna Hazare. As a matter of fact, Kumar Vishwas comes from Rajasthan and is a professor by profession. He has worked for social causes as well.
It seems that the Bigg Boss 5 will have Kumar Vishwas as a common man.

Here is a tentative list of the contestants