Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sapna Bhavnani calls Salman Khan a ‘serial woman-beater’

Sapna Bhavnani, the celebrity hair stylist who was evicted from Bigg Boss house has tagged Salman Khan a ‘serial woman-beater’. Well, this is one of the harshest, probably the harshest tags, some has used for a superstar like Salman Khan. Sapna Bhavnani said this after the eviction last week.
As if that was not enough, Sapna Bhavnani went on to pronounce some cuss words for the Bigg Boss host. There is no doubt that the makers of the show have edited those portions and so the public will not be able to see or hear anything of this kind on the show.
Sapna Bhavnani also claimed that she had not come on the show to win any amount of money. To this, Salman Khan asked her if she had come on a picnic to enjoy herself. She also challenged Salman Khan to throw her off the show. She also said that she wasn’t the one who would get bullied by the star.