Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Are Mink Brar and Usha Bachchani new entrants in Bigg Boss?

Bollywood starlet Mink Brar is being rumored to be sent in the ‘House of Controversies’ – the Bigg Boss. Along with Mink Brar, there will be another starlet Usha Bachchani as well. But it should be mentioned once again that these are still rumors only and there is still time before the truth comes out. 
But the ‘House of Controversies’ has been touted as the parivarik (family) show this time around. So, it is expected that there will be no (read less) dirty talks and violence as compared to the earlier seasons.
Coming back to the two ladies who are to enter the house, Mink Brar is the senior of the two ladies as she was launched way back in 1993 by the evergreen Dev Anand himself. The film in which she was launched was Pyar Ka Tarana.
Usha Bachchani has also got her share of publicity as well. She is better known for her negative roles on the small screen. Ek Ladki Anjaani Si, Sindoor and Kkusum are some of the serials Usha was seen in. She was also briefly seen in Dhulan Hum Le Jayenge.
There is no doubt that there would be more eyes glued to the TV sets if these two ladies indeed happen to show up in the Bigg Boss house.