Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bigg Boss approaches Paris Hilton and Julia Roberts

To give an international feel to the reality show Bigg Boss, international stars Paris Hilton and Julia Roberts were said to have been approached for the show. It is understood that the channel and the production house are in talks with at least seven celebrities at the moment. The names will be finalized according to their dates and the fees they charge.
Apart from Paris Hilton and Julia Roberts, some others who have been approached are famous former boxer Mike Tyson, actor Jackie Chan, former Australian cricket Shane Warne and Elizabeth Harley. The talks are still in the primary stage so there isn't any concrete news about who is the likely candidate to show up.
It is also being said that there were some Pakistani celebrities who were also approached to come on the show. However, the channel may not seem too interested in those celebrities and wants to play safe. It is likely that the name of the celebrity or celebrities who will be on the show will be finalized as early as possible.