Monday, October 8, 2012

Varsha Bhosale – Asha Bhosale’s daughter ends her life

Varsha Bhosale – the daughter of well known singer Asha Bhosale committed suicide at her Mumbai residence. Varsha was also a singer and had made some appearances with her mother at various concerts. It is learnt that Varsha was under a lot of depression and that is considered to be the reason for her suicide.
Asha Bhosale’s daughter was married to Hemant Kenkre and was divorced. When she was rushed to the nearby hospital after the shooting, she was declared dead. The veteran singer, Asha Bhosale was in Singapore when the unfortunate incident took place back home in Mumbai. She left for Mumbai as soon as the news reached her.
Varsha was a singer who had lent her voice for some Hindi as well as Marathi movies. She was also a columnist and wrote for The Sunday Observer, Rediff, Gentleman as well as The Times of India.
Rest in peace, Varsha!