Saturday, October 27, 2012

Minissha Lamba longs for her old bikini body

Looks are everything for actresses and who better than Minissha Lamba knows it? Recently, Amisha Patel was also in the news for trying to look sexy and had even hired a trainer for having some seriouslessons. Minissha Lamba is following suit. She has also hired a trainer and wants to get back her good old bikini body.
She is known to accept the challenges to learn new things and getting back her sexy figure should not be too difficult for her. As a matter of fact, Minissha is unhappy with her current figure. She has gained some weight and wishes to shed it as early as she can.
Kickboxing and hardcore gymnastics are high on her agenda. Gone are the days for Minissha when she used to be fit and fine in a white bikini. Who would forget her killer looks 4 years back in the film Kidnap? Her looks were the talks of the town.
No wonder, with the determination and the guts to achieve her goals, Minissha should soon be seen in a bikini once again.