Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rani Mukharjee cannot marry due to her brother Raja Mukharjee?

Would it be exaggeration to say life is getting tough for Rani Mukharjee because of Raja Mukharjee, her brother? Well, if the reports are to be believed, Rani just cannot marry due to her brother. No, he is not denying her any gift that life has to offer. But the fact of the matter is that, Rani is too helpless at the moment.
Raja Mukharjee has brought a lot of embarrassment to the family on more occasions than one. Just recently he was in the news on molestation charges. Raja is known to use the name and impact of Rani Mukharjee to meet the people who in turn want to meet Rani Mukharjee.
If the close sources of the family are to be believed, Raja Mukharjee isn’t financially self-independent yet. Actually, even after marriage, Rani remains to be the only bread winner for the entire family. He can’t even look after himself and his wife and daughter. It is difficult for Rani to manage all things by herself.
Her father is suffering from a heart condition that needs constant medication and care. Rani wishes her brother becomes mature and responsible enough to take the onus of looking after his father on himself.