Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Laila Khan to enter Bigg Boss as wild card entry

Those who are closely following the Bigg Boss show, take a note that Laila Khan will soon be seen on the small screen thanks to the producers of Bigg Boss. But hey, don’t get bamboozled. It is not the late Pakistani actress Laila Khan. But it is the Indian starlet Laila N Khan.
The Indian actress should thank the co-incidence that the Pakistani actress who was murdered shares the same name as that of hers. It is just the co-incidence in the make that the makers of the reality show want to cash in on. However, it is indeed an unfortunate co-incidence, we have to say that.
There was no official word from the starlet. In fact, she was not allowed to make comments about the entry in the Bigg Boss house as she is signed under a secret contract. That is why not many details could be made available in this regard.
And even Laila was not available for the comments. However, all that we know is, she is a big Salman Khan fan.