Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yami Gautam and Vidya Balan are victims of imposters

The actress Yami Gautam and the bombshell Vidya Balan are one of the latest to be the victims of imposters on the internet. It has come as a shock to both the actresses that there are people who are pretending to be these two actresses on the social networking sites. It has been a sort of headache for the two ladies. 
Vidya Balan, who is the more popular of the two, was the one with the most number of replies whenever she meets someone in person. People tell her that she had talked to them online. This was of course something which Vidya had never thought of before.
It is then that she realized that there is a certain counterfeit Vidya online. The most interesting part is that neither Vidya Balan nor Yami Gautam has accounts on social networking sites. Their fans should be aware of this fact. Vidya Balan said that the popular tweeter handle @realvidyabalan is also not hers.
Even Yami Gautam said that she has no intentions of spending her time on social networking sites. On the contrary, she said that she does not believe in these things.