Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shah Rukh Khan to play Dhyan Chand

After the success of Chak De India, where Shah Rukh Khan played the coach of a hockey team, he might play the character of the legendary Dhyan Chand himself. The biopic on Dhyan Chand has been under consideration for a long time now. The producers of the film now have decided to approach Shah Rukh Khan to play the role.
The script is being currently written by Ila Bedi Dutta – the same writer who had recently written the remake of Agneepath made by Karen Johar. Plans are that the script might be completed before the turn of the year. According to Ila Bedi Dutta, SRK is the best choice for the character of Dhyan Chand.
Though there is no official response from the super star, Ila Bedi Dutta is hopeful that the actor will reply in the affirmative. She also met Shah Rukh a few days back to discuss the entire project with him.
Pooja Shetty is going to produce the film and rightly so, Ashok Chand, Dhyan Chand’s son has bought the rights of the film.