Sunday, October 7, 2012

Anjum Nayar wants to be a superstar

Who does not dream of becoming a superstar? Anjum Nayar is no exception either. The little known actress is dreaming of making it big on the big screen. She is making it sure that nothing is left untouched when it comes to the preparations for her career. That is why she got herself trained from acting institute of Barry John.
She will be seen in a film before long along with Jackie Shroff. Jackie plays a journalist while Anjum will be seen in a role of a successful actor in Bollywood. The film is titled Cover Story: The Ultimate Interview. The majority of the shooting has already taken place in various parts of Mumbai and Panvel.
Anjum thinks that the film and the characters, both were especially designed for her. She believes in destiny and feels that the role has come and chosen her instead of her choosing the role. Though films in Bollywood are not known to center around the female folks, it is not the case this time for Anjum Nayar.
She feels that she had to prepare for the role all by herself though there were inputs from the director. Let’s see how much success Anjum Nayar is able to achieve upfront.