Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vidya Balan has a feeling of being a Bengali

The sex siren of Bollywood Vidya Balan, feels that she has a feeling as if she is a Bengali. Well, there is nothing abnormal as such for Vidya Balan. The only thing that makes her think on these lines is that she has shot around three films in the city. No wonder, Vidya Balan wants to visit the City of Joy time and again.
Chronologically speaking, Vidya has shot Bhalo Theko, Parineeta and Kahaani in West Bengal as well as Kolkata. She was at the place for inaugurating the Sreebhumi Sporting Club. It resembles the Meenakshi Temple of Madurai.
Well, Vidya wasn’t claiming to be feeling like a Bengali for nothing. She talked with the people there in excellent Bengali as if it were her mother tongue. She further added that Kolkata is her second home.
Vidya didn’t forget to mention that her third film in the city Kahaani was shot during the Durga Pooja festival last year. She feels the film has a special blessings of the goddess.