Monday, June 27, 2011

Akshay Kumar and John Abraham - real fight in Housefull2

Akshay Kumar and John Abraham were involved in a real fight on the sets of their upcoming film Housefull2. This took everyone present there by surprise. Event the producer of the film Sajid Nadiadwala and the director Sajid Khan were clueless and taken aback at the sudden turn of events.
It was a beginning with a verbal duet that later bubbled in a fight. However, this fight went a tad too far and both Akshay Kumar and John Abraham got hold of each other’s throats and literally took each other’s breath away. Sajid said that this particular scene in the movie is enough to show the suffocation they are going through – that is for real.
Sajid Khan goes on to say that, even when he called out ‘cut’ for the scene, the two did not seem to hear that and went on with their own. Their hold on each other was so tight that, Akshay got the marks of his fingers on John’s neck while he himself was feeling breathless.
When they had to resume the shooting for the next scene, they had to literally hide the marks on the necks with makeup. For once, the director got one fine take – with no gimmicks. But at what cost was it?