Friday, June 17, 2011

Guess what: Ranveer Singh is shy of sex

Sometimes even men are shy of doing open scenes on screen. One of them is Ranveer Singh. He was expected to do a steamy scene in his film Shaitan. However, it was such a tough task for Ranveer that it was impossible for him to do it on-screen. Then what was the way out?
Gulshan Devaiah then did the work for Ranveer. The lead actor from the film Band Baaja Baraat could not have enough guts to pull the scene on his own. It seemed as if Ranveer was a struggling Bollywood actor who has yet a lot to learn in the field of acting.
Why Ranveer Singh accepted the film was because of the storyline and the script. However, as far as the bold scene is concerned, he was skeptical of himself. He did not want to do such a bold scene. That’s why Ranveer changed his mind and refused the film.
However, film maker Bijoy Nambiar did not have to scour for a replacement for too long. There was the audition of this Gulshan Devaiah and there was no hesitation for Bijoy Nambiar to cast him without any ado. It was not only that Bijoy loved Gulshan but, Gulshan also fell for the script.