Monday, June 27, 2011

Why is Jacqueline Fernandez not promoting Murder2?

It is a little surprising, both for the Bhatt camp and for the fans of Jacqueline Fernandez, that she is not seen promoting her forthcoming film Murder2. Is there anything wrong between the Bhatts and Jacqueline Fernandez? Well, it is too early to predict that thing now. However, the truth remains, that Jacqueline is missing from the promos.
But the question to be asked is, if Jacqueline is not promoting the film, which she is very much expected to do, then where is she? As a matter of fact, Jacqueline Fernandez is currently in England for the shooting of her next film Housefull2.
It is needless to say that the Bhatts are not at all happy with the way Jacqueline Fernandez has deserted the promotion of the film. However, the source from the beautiful actress says that even Jacqueline had no choice, than going to England for the shooting.
As a matter of fact, Jacqueline Fernandez was needed for this period for the film’s shooting. She had to join the other cast of the Housefull2 team which was already decided.