Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ram Gopal Varma’s professionalism: Bhoot 2 Vs. Bhooo

Ram Gopal Varma showed professionalism at its best when he called an emergency meeting of his team. But what was the reason after all? The reason was the Bhoot. Well, don’t get frightened. We are talking about the film – the horror film.
Now it is a fight between the Bhatt camp and the Varma camp. The announcement is that Vikram Bhatt as the director is going to make Bhoot 2 with Nitin Manmohan, who will produce the film. The announcement did not go too well with Ram Gopal Varma who called a meeting with his creative team to give a fitting answer to both Nitin Manmohan and Vikram Bhatt.
An old rivalry between Nitin Manmohan and RGV is the result of the announcement of Bhoot 2. The fallout between Nitin Manmohan and RGV was a bitter one and it is chance for Nitin to show to RGV that he can make a film with a different director.
As far as Ram Gopal Varma and the sequel to Bhoot is concerned, the director said that it was going to be his Bhoot 2. However, as the title Bhoot 2 cannot be reused, Bhooo is what came to his mind. But how? Well, the answer is ready too. Bhooo is the sound that one naturally makes when terrified.
Ram Gopal Varma wants to terrify his enemies with his Bhooo.