Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photo shoot of film Not A Love Story suspended midway

Ram Gopal Varma’s current project on hands is the film Not A Love Story. The film is based on the real life incident of the murder of Neeraj Grover at the hands of Maria Susairaj in Mumbai. The photo shoot was made more realistic by deciding to carry it out at Dheeraj Solitaire Building. It is the same building where Maria lived.
The photo shoot was given due permission after the formalities and was going on in one of the flats. However, as the shoot started the society members forced their way in the ongoing shooting and disrupted it. Not only that, they also asked everyone to leave the building and the campus without more ado.
At that time, the entire cast of the shoot was present there, along with Mahie Gill, who stars in the film. The shoot was only for four hours, yet the society members took objection to it.
The crew felt it strange how the people could stop the shoot even when they had taken prior permission. The reason is that the society inmates wanted more money from the producer (probably more than what they had decided initially).
It was not only a loss of time for the producer, but also a waste of money too. They went for another set the same day and completed their shooting. But certainly, it was tough time that day!