Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shamita Shetty bids goodbye to Bollywood?

There are hundreds and thousands of strugglers in Bollywood today. However, those who come from an established background, find it difficult to find their foothold here. The sister of Shilpa Shetty, Shamita Shetty is one of them. In spite of her sister being successful in Bollywood, Shamita has been robbed of the same by her destiny.
So now what is the future for Shamita? Are all the doors closed for her? No. How can it be? The talented young lady will now head to London for a new career in her life. So what is that she will be doing? Well, Shamita has chosen interior decorating as her next career option. But for that she will have to go through the ‘processes.
Well, this simply means that she will first be going to take up a course in interior designing. Shamita will be taking up a six-month course where she will be learning the ins and outs of interior decorating and it’s only then that her career will start. As far as Shamita thinks, it the right decision that she is taking.
Even Shilpa is not into films too seriously these days. After her marriage, she has preferred to be a housewife than being an actress. Well, for now, fans will certainly miss the Shetty sisters.