Saturday, June 18, 2011

Troubles don’t end yet for Bheja Fry 2

After the unfortunate differences between Vinay Pathak and Kay Kay surfaced andwent public, now it is a different reason for the film Bheja Fry 2 to be in the news for the wrong reason once again. Like the recent developments during the initial days of Dabangg, when there was a beeline to take the credit for the Munni song, the same is happening with Bheja Fry 2.
One Shabbir Abbas has claimed to be the writer and composer of the song Ishq Ka Keeda. According to the film credits, the song has not only been written but also composed by Ishq Bector, especially for this movie. However, now there is a war of words over this song.
Shabbir Abbas had made a call to the director of the film Sagar Bellary and claimed that he was the original writer of the song. He even said that the song was ‘copied’. When this call happened for the first time, the director ignored it thinking it to be a prank.
But to his shock, Shabbir Abbas sent a legal notice after around a couple of weeks. Now the question the director is posing is why did Shabbir Abbas take so many days to go through the legal process if he was indeed the writer and composer of the song?