Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Doctor Who star Karen Gillan in birthday suit in New York

For reasons best known only to Karen Gillan, the BBC’s Doctor Who celebrity was found to be stark naked in New York’s Ace Hotel. According to the statements of the guests there, she was trying to cover herself up, perchance without much luck. What exactly led Karen Gillan to all this, is really a mystery.
Another guest gave a report that she was seen through the peephole while making efforts to hide her womanhood and assets. One of the guests said, Karen Gillan looked as if she did not have enough of sleep.
Karen Gillan was not alone in the trip to the United States. The Executive Producer Stephen Moffatt of the famous show on BBC, along with Matt Smith, who plays in the Doctor Who, was also with Karen Gillan on the trip.
When contacted, BBC Worldwide said that, they did not have any knowledge or idea of what had happed with Karen Gillan in the New York hotel.