Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reggie Bush seeing Melissa Molinaro

So, what are the similarities between Kim Kardashian and Melissa Molinaro? Well, that is the easiest of all the questions even kids can answer. Melissa Molinaro is the perfect example of a human clone. Don’t be alarmed. Melissa Molinaro is not a literal clone, but a virtual clone of the sex bomb Kim Kardashian.
Okay now. What is the second similarity between these two women? The second similarity is that they both have the one and the same boyfriend. Well, in fact Kim Kardashian had him as a boyfriend and Melissa has him now.
How interesting it is that, Reggie Bush is dating the exact look-alike of Kim Kardashian! The women are so identical, that you will need to practice to tell them apart. As for Kim, she has moved on in her life and is now with Kris Humphries.
As a matter of fact, Kim does know that Reggie is seeing Melissa – her lookalike. However, this is the last thing she cares for.