Friday, June 24, 2011

Mallika Sherawat’s bikini scenes removed from Double Dhamaal

How would an actor feel when the best part of him or her is removed from a film? How would an actor feel if he comes to know that there no longer exist the parts in the film for which people throng the theaters? The same happened with Mallika Sherawat recently. Her shots of bathing sequence are chopped off from the film Double Dhamaal.
Believe it or not, Mallika was shocked to the core, when she came to know about this. And it was quite understandable as well. What is the matter left behind if Mallika is not shown in the bikini scenes those were so far were been dimmed to be a part of the film?
She tried to fight her way to the producer and director of the film. However, they wanted to portray the film as a family entertainer. And the presence of Mallika having a bath in a bikini is certainly a put off for an entire family. Mallika can get smoking hot in this apparel and all are aware of this fact.
However, here are the images of Mallika Sherawat in the bikini top with a sarong.