Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gemma Atkinson is learning Hindi for Bollywood?

The gori, Gemma Atkinson will soon be busy taking Hindi lessons. But what has Gemma Atkinson to do with Hindi? Is she coming to Bollywood? There has been no such news. Then what is the new funda of Gemma Atkinson and Hindi? However, there is a slight connection that has drawn Gemma towards Hindi.
There has been confirmed news that Gemma Atkinson is indeed seriously taking lessons in Hindi. Not only that, she will also be involved in her first ever Bollywood film. She is currently busy with the shooting of Casualty. Casualty is a drama and she is shooting for BBC1.
However, she will be leaving for Switzerland for a three-week period. The Bollywood movie is being shot here. She has been active in modeling and has been doing good there. However, she is taking films more seriously and for that is ready to sacrifice some of her modeling assignments. This is just with a view to increasing her chances of getting good roles in films.