Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reality lacking in reality shows feels Rakshanda Khan

Rakshanda Khan, who is a television actress, is making her comeback to the small screen after a couple of years. However, she did not make her comeback on a quiet note. She made a statement saying that there is almost no reality in the reality shows we see on TV.
The beautiful lady will be seen in the new show on SAB TV, titled Ammaji Ki Gali.
She even finds it very intimidating that in spite of the falsehood in the reality shows they are very popular. She even admits that she used to watch the reality shows and at times but was never inclined towards giving it a try.
However, contrary to what she said about the reality shows, Rakshanda Khan was seen in the reality show on Imagine channel. The reality show on this channel nowadays is Ratan Ka Rishta. The show is like a swayamwar where Ratan Rajput is busy choosing her would-be husband.
But when she was asked about how she got evolved with this reality show, Rakshanda told that it was just because of her close friend Ratan Rajput that she agreed to be a confidante of Ratan.
Well, whatever be the real meaning in doing the show, one thing is clear, that Rakshanda Khan has found a place for herself on the small screen.