Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where’s Sonakshi Sinha’s SMS sent to Katrina Kaif?

Where’s Sonakshi Sinha’s SMS sent to Katrina Kaif? Has it disappeared into thin air? Well, no one knows where it is. But if the two sides are taken into consideration, then there is a battle of words going on. One says, the SMS is sent while the other party is denying it flatly.
Call it a catfight or a cold war. But the latest catfight in Bollywood is between Sonakshi Sinha and Katrina Kaif. Sources close to Sonakshi Sinha are accusing Katrina Kaif that, she does not reply back to Sonakshi’s SMSes. When Katrina came to know this, she did was not able to keep her cool.
The reason was that, whom she would reply to if she did not get any SMS at all. People close to Katrina defend by saying that, Kat always respects other actors and actresses in Bollywood and always maintains a cordial relationship with them all. That is why there is no reason why she would not reply to Sonakshi Sinha as well.
It is not only people close to Sonakshi who are pointing fingers at Katrina for not replying back. But in fact, it is Sonakshi herself who has been saying this all along. Initially, Kat took diplomatic approach to address this issue. But when she came to know that, even Sonakshi is spreading these stories, it really got to her nerves. That is the reason why, Katrina is also replying back that she did not get any SMS at all.