Saturday, June 25, 2011

Asin won’t wear any bikini in Housefull2

Some days ago, we had reported to you about the displeasure of the sex bomb Asin to wear bikini in her forthcoming film Housefull2. It was a tough job for director Sajid Khan as it was he who had to convince Asin to wear the two piece apparel and get the temperatures souring.
However, in spite of all the efforts from Sajid, Asin was the one who did not change her decision one bit. It was like an unwritten clause from the south beauty’s side that she won’t be wearing skimpy clothes at all. However, it was Sajid Khan who had to back off.
And finally, the decision went in Asin’s favor. Sajid agreed Asin to work in the film with her normal clothing as she would feel comfortable enough. So now, all the eyes will turn up to Jacqueline Fernandez – the Sri Lankan beauty. It is only on Jacqueline now to give the spicy touch to the film.
Well, who knows, it could be a blessing in disguise for Jacqueline Fernandez. Let us keep our fingers crossed and time will answer this question.
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