Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thank You Friends

 Thanks a lot friends. With your help I was able to come tantalizingly close to a monthly traffic of 70,000 visitors for the month of June 2011. (you can see it in the attached screenshot of the "Stats" of my blog). The total hits I got were 68,589. Without your help it would have never been possible.Thanks again. With this unprecedented figure, I am very much willing to help the others too with links and backlings. It's completely legit and there's nothing wrong. So, those who are fighting with traffic and blogs, come here and be active with your backlinks and blogrolls.
In the meantime, I got a lot of queries as to how I got such a huge traffic. Yes, it was huge and I am really flattered by the same. However, this is the creme of the unprecedented efforts behind it. Here is what I did. In the month of April, I started my group "Bollywood Tribe" on Facebook and interacted with friends there. I Did a lot of social marketing and the results are for all to be seen.

I thought it would be worthwhile to tell you the exact pageviews my blog got since I started it.

2010 July 22
2010 August 109
2010 September 624
2010 October 54
2010 November 174
2010 December 1380
2011 January 9240
2011 February 2822
2011 March 3536
2011 April 10,249
2011 May 48,885
2011 June 68,589

I invite you to join my group on Facebook, comment on each other's blogs and share backlinks. All are welcome! I would not mind doing it with blogs which has lesser traffic than mine.

Thanx once again!!!